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Vol 1, Iss 2: Lorena’s Story

The story of Lorena Tapia and the loss of her beautiful baby girl Loreal to stillbirth, while heartbreaking, reveals the power of the love of a mother and how she discovered and shared Caring Cradles to not one, but two hospitals. Click here to read the full story

Celebration Time: 600 Instagram Followers

We just reached 600 subscribers on Instagram! “Thank you so very much!”   Caring Cradle is writing to you with a full heart. For some people, that number may seem hardly worth mentioning.  However, we treasure every single one of you. 600 followers of the Caring Cradle feel like 600 votes of support, and we are all in our positive emotions about that. You are more than followers, you are partners as we all work to support families grieved in some way by infant loss.  We are humbled by how faithful you are in your efforts with your nonprofits and dreams.  This community is easily recognized due to how sincere the support and appreciation are that we share. We have had the pleasure of interacting with many of you, and we feel so many emotions about that: respect, empathy, grief, condolences, appreciation, love, support, awe, and especially gratitude!   YOU are OUR inspiration!   “I want to share with you some ofthe highlights for Caring Cradle from thelast 12 months” We were discouraged for a few months because a vendor of ours would not release the mold of the original Caring Cradle bassinet to me. To be transparent with you…

Series: Finding Ways to Support Yourself Through Your Healing Journey: Gathering

(2 of 10) Suffering is universal. Suffering almost always causes an automatic reaction of withdrawing into ourselves. We know that being alone for a time can give us a personal level of healing, a moment in time to regroup.  We need that time of deep grieving as it is part of the journey and acknowledges the loss and typically a shock or abrupt separation. That level of loss brings almost everyone to a place of aloneness for some time. However, as universal as suffering is, so is healing. Even in the midst of our own almost unbearable loss, we don’t have to look far to see example after example of those who found healing following equally, unimaginable loss. Whether disaster, war, famine, Holocaust, crime, or accident, people heal in their ways even after devastating events. And after that time of aloneness, where does the journey of healing head too next? “We invite you to consider that community, friends, family, professionals, and even strangers can be part of our healing journey.” Being with people gives us an opportunity to be supported, a chance to be encouraged, and an opportunity to discover ways of healing that we would otherwise never learn. We…

Series: Finding Ways to Support Yourself Through Your Healing Journey: Hobbies

(1 of 10) Finding the Hobby You Weren’t Expecting : How to be Gentle With Yourself in Something New   Over the next two weeks, we will talk about activities we can pursue that are not difficult, but could definitely improve our overall mental and emotional wellbeing. We would all agree that losing a baby is probably the most shocking and painful loss to be experienced. Thankfully, our communities and culture are more open to discussing mental health issues.  However, we can always do more. Caring Cradle has compiled a list of ten topics, and we will be sharing them over the next few weeks. The more others engage with the posts, the more helpful it will be to others who may be seriously struggling but do so in silence.  Many of you are leaders, teachers, trainers, coaches, role models, and encouragers to others. We invite you to comment, post quotes and photos as you feel led.  Thank you! To begin our series, we talk about how a simple, gentle start to a new hobby may bring rest to your mind while also surprising you with some unexpected joy. Find A Hobby Start Where You Are There are times in our life…

Finding Your Glimmer of Light

by Isabelle Baker, Caring Cradle Working for Caring Cradle has been a personal privilege for me as I am a Rainbow Baby and my mother never recovered from the stillbirth of her first child. I will write more about that later, but because of how my mother was NOT cared for, because there was no community to support her, and because she did not receive the love and time she needed to say goodbye to her baby, she remained broken and unable to be the mother I can only believe she wanted to be at one time. In large part, my mother’s issues led to a difficult childhood for me. For a good portion of my teenage and adult life, I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety. I’ve never lost a baby, but I have many years of dealing with hopelessness and loss.  I am so grateful that while we still have a long way to go, the subject of mental health is more normalized than it was 40 years ago. It’s much more accepted to speak about our mental health issues and that is what I am going to do here. It is my hope that perhaps something I share may…

Celebrating All Siblings, Here and Gone Too Soon

So strange to not know whether I am missing a sister or a brother.

The Story of Lincoln Matthew Herman and His Parents

The Hermans, in honor of their baby boy, and because of generous fundraising, purchased and donated a Caring Cradle to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Lincoln’s parents bravely gave from their pain and their heart.  The Hermans invite you to read the story of their son Lincoln, and how they first lost him to stillbirth, but now Lincoln’s legacy is full of inspiration and love.

Vol 1, Iss 1: Lincoln’s Story

This is a true story. One of broken hearts and dreams. It is a story of stillbirth and infant loss. But it is so much more. This is a history of love extended to strangers – and more to come. It is a story of nurses who had a Caring Cradle, which allowed them to extend their compassionate and professional care to their patient. You will read how loss began the story, but healing and hope showed up, just when all seemed lost. You will hear how one baby boy inspired his parents. And you will learn how this same baby boy continues to inspire grownups, strangers, fundraisers, churches, businesses, donors, non-profits, educators, and more. Click below to learn how two parents and their infant son, along with little sister, Rainbow Baby Sarah-Kate, inspire and meet the needs of others, many of whom they will never meet.Click here to read the full story