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Celebration Time: 600 Instagram Followers

We just reached 600 subscribers on Instagram!

“Thank you so very much!”


Caring Cradle is writing to you with a full heart. For some people, that number may seem hardly worth mentioning.  However, we treasure every single one of you. 600 followers of the Caring Cradle feel like 600 votes of support, and we are all in our positive emotions about that. You are more than followers, you are partners as we all work to support families grieved in some way by infant loss. 

We are humbled by how faithful you are in your efforts with your nonprofits and dreams.  This community is easily recognized due to how sincere the support and appreciation are that we share.

We have had the pleasure of interacting with many of you, and we feel so many emotions about that: respect, empathy, grief, condolences, appreciation, love, support, awe, and especially gratitude!


YOU are OUR inspiration!


“I want to share with you some of
the highlights for Caring Cradle from the
last 12 months”

  • We were discouraged for a few months because a vendor of ours would not release the mold of the original Caring Cradle bassinet to me. To be transparent with you all, being in business has been so amazing – and also very difficult at times. However, we stayed the course, and I am so happy to report that we recovered from that loss by finding an amazing, US-based, small business to recreate my mold.

Huge redemption story!

  • Next, I designed our 2nd product: The Caring Cradle “Mini.

  • We were awarded a $10,000 microgrant from Catapult of Lakeland, Florida towards the cost of a brand new mold for our new Caring Cradle “Mini.” Thank you to Catapult for their ongoing support! We couldn’t have done it without them!

  • We produced and sold our first Caring Cradle “Mini” in the Spring of 2021.

  • We placed our first Caring Cradle in Canada and have inquiries from Europe and other countries.

  • We are closing in on placing our 200th Caring Cradle.

  • We have been able to partner with US-based professionals, and unless we encounter a supply-chain issue (which is, unfortunately, a common problem right now), we are committed to sourcing from the U.S. and Canada.

  • We have met many of you on the road in deliveries, or even in our home city Lakeland, FL.

Pure JOY!

  • We’ve exchanged comments, testimonies, stories, cell numbers, emails, photos, Facebook friend requests, food, gifts, words of affirmation, and support with many of you.

  • We’ve heard many stories of heartbreak and redemption. We hold all of your stories in our hearts, and you are our inspiration as we work towards our dream: to place a Caring Cradle in every hospital in the U.S.!

  • We are preparing a very special display for our next national convention – and it wouldn’t happen without the help from a lot of you!  (You know who you are, and THANK YOU!)

This is a great moment to stop and say…

…There isn’t a speck of bragging in this post… 

Everything flows from an overwhelming sense of gratitude, appreciation, and genuine emotion. 

We all flourish in a circle of support and in a community that believes in what we are doing!

None of us can stand alone nearly as long, or as well, as we can together.

Thank you for being in our circle, and especially thank you for allowing us to be a part of your circle! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your grief, your hope, your heart, and your visions. 

“Together we are a starry night,
full of promise and


Wendy Kowalski
for Caring Cradle