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‘Unimaginable’: Miscarriages, newborn death led Nassau mom to help other grieving parents.

In 2019 Meredith “Mera” Maimone only lived nine days. Her mother Kim Maimone of Fernandina Beach has used her loss to start a nonprofit that brings other families’ comfort. Formed in 2020, Mera’s Mission works with people who’ve suffered through miscarriages or suffered from the loss of children in infancy or early childhood. Kim Maimone and other volunteers run support groups, remembrance and awareness projects, and an annual Walk of Light remembrance walk. In addition, Mera’s Mission raised funds to purchase three Caring Cradles and donated them to Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Baptist Medical Center Clay and UF Health Jacksonville. Click here to read the full story.

“She’s on a mission”: Family transforms tragedy into a mission to help others.

After the loss of their daughter Harper in 2018, the Kerlins have raised enough money to donate a Caring Cradle and a Caring Cradle Mini to Christ Hospital in Mt. Auburn. Click here to read the full story.

Arlee and Jonathon Hultgren Sr. donate Caring Cradle to Trenton’s Corewell Hospital

After hosting a fundraiser among family and friends. Arlee and Jonathon Hultgren Sr. were able to donate a Caring Cradle a little over a year after the loss of their infant son Jonathon Michael Jr., Click here to read the full story.

‘Caring Cradle’ donated to Clovis Community Hospital to help grieving parents

In Clovis California, a woman is helping families at her local hospital by giving families more time to grieve the loss of their baby. With “Project Loreal” she was able to get a Caring Cradle donated to Clovis Community Hospital. Click here to read more.

Caring Cradle

Caring Cradles Give Extra Time – What That Means to Familes

As you know, the Caring Cradle is a device that cools the body of a baby immediately following stillbirth. The facts are that the changes a baby’s body goes through may be difficult to view or manage.  The Caring Cradle can slow those changes down which then slows the need to separate the family and the baby.  In effect, the family can spend more time with their baby. Immediately following the loss, ‘more time’ is what mothers and families say is so important to them. And what do these mothers and families do during this extra time afforded to them by using a Caring Cradle? They hold their baby, they weep, they snuggle their baby.  They look at their baby.  They take in every feature so they will always remember and never forget. During this extra time, most mothers and families create memories to take with them – like photos and imprints of tiny hands and feet.  We don’t know how these families have the presence of mind, amid this heartbreak, to think of these things, but they do.  They know they will need these memories to help them in their grief journey later on. Some other things families may…

The Legacy of Lincoln Herman – Soin Medical Center in Dayton Ohio

Again and again, the legacy of these babies shows us what compassion-in-action looks like. Their families honor their memories by giving in advance to other families who are unaware that stillbirth will become part of their future. We all would love to stop stillbirth and infant death. But the sad truth is we can not. However, we can show up and help hospitals and nurses be as prepared as possible to meet ALL the family’s needs. Above and beyond medical needs are mental health needs. Families need the best possible beginnings to their mental health journey to live with the lifetime of loss of a baby. The Hermans did it again – fundraising and donating yet another Caring Cradle to a local hospital! Thank you to Lincoln’s parents for honoring the memory of their son by sharing him and their story with the world. Giving towards a Caring Cradle is an act of compassion and generosity, and literally one of the few yet most empowering ways to support families during such a heartbreaking loss as infant loss. Thank you to the Hermans. Thank you to Lincoln!   CLICK HERE to see local news coverage of dedication to SOIN Medical Center

Augusta County couple honors stillborn daughter by raising money to donate Caring Cradles to area hospitals

“An Augusta County couple continues to grieve after they lost their stillborn daughter, Alivia. Laura Shifflett and her fiancé Dakota Martin were able to spend 22.5 hours with their daughter, thanks to a cooling device called a Caring Cradle. It has a cooling mattress pad, which allows families to spend more time with their stillborn baby.”

This Kettering Family Shares How 500-plus Teddy Bears Have Filled Empty Hands When Hearts are Breaking

This couple doesn’t want any other mother to leave the hospital with empty hands.

Caring Cradle

A Precious Gift for Grieving Parents

The year 2018 was a good year for Ashley Hale. She was making the most of her last year of high school in a Boston suburb. She was a leader on a competitive cheerleading team and was preparing to attend the University of Virginia the following fall…

Ellis Nolte Anderson

Time seems to matter most when you want more of it.  When you need more of it.  Dani and Marcus Anderson’s son, Ellis Nolte Anderson, was born into heaven in May 2017.  His parents didn’t have much time with Ellis to say goodbye.  They say they felt ‘rushed’ to say a quick goodbye.  There was little time to spend with Ellis or share him with their family.  Out of their loss, the Andersons gave from their heart.   They raised the funds to donate a Caring Cradle to Methodist Women’s Hospital on Friday, July 13.  Ellis’s parents honored him, his memory, and their unrelenting love for him. Source: KETV ABC Omaha, NE