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Caring Cradle® Gives You More Time with a Baby Who Has Died

Creating Memories to Last a Lifetime


At Caring Cradle® we know you want to provide more peace for mothers of stillborn babies.

To do this, mothers need more time with their baby to say goodbye. The problem is, in these moments of crisis, hospitals aren’t equipped to provide them with the time they need, which makes mothers feel more trauma, shock, and grief.

Availability limited by demand. Contact us for more information.


Simply put, a Caring Cradle® gives grieving families time they will never have again with their child.

To do this, mothers need more time with their baby to say goodbye. The problem is, in these moments of crisis, hospitals aren’t equipped to provide them with the time they need, which makes mothers feel more trauma, shock, and grief.

David and Lauren Herman, Lincoln's parents

The time and memories this cradle provides are so important for grieving families.

The Caring Cradle® allows families who thought they would spend a lifetime with their loved baby, time to say goodbye and create memories in a respectable way. It truly is an immeasurable gift.

Brittany & Joshua Martin, Jaxon's parents

“That is amazing!! I know I wish I would have had more time with my son when he was born still 12 years ago!!! What a wonderful Idea this is!”


"I only got 35 mins with my baby, so this would have been amazing for me."


"It is a nice idea. Would it make it possible for the baby to stay in the room longer?"

“Yes it does, Jessie!  If you watch the video at the top of the page you will see exactly how it gives families more time to say good-bye!”  (Wendy Kowalski, Inventor & Owner, Caring Cradle )


"I think it's fantastic. We were only allowed to hold our baby for a very short time, not able to get pictures or anything so anything that would make it possible for parents to spend a little extra time with their baby would be fantastic."


Easy for hospital staff

Designed for Hospitals

The Caring Cradle® arrives complete, assembled and ready to assist staff and families. The bassinet and cart’s simple, modern design includes four easy glide, locking wheels that allow for quiet, secure set up and removal. The cooling mechanisms are stored securely in the hex locked section of the cabinet and is never visible to families.

Focus on compassionate patient-care

No Staff Monitoring

The Caring Cradle® requires no staff monitoring, water, handling or disposing of harmful chemicals for use. No monitoring means staff has more time to focus on the really important things like caring for the families needs.

Reduce disruptions

No Alarms

Our unit does not have any disruptive alarms.  Other products have an alarm when they need to have more water added, the Caring Cradle’s® do not use water or tubes.

Setup in minutes

Simple Setup

Set up for use is simple and requires no staff monitoring or management. We recommend the unit be plugged in for approximately 30 minutes before anticipated use. This allows the entire bassinet to reach the desired temperature. Once set up and plugged in the unit can operate for three days or longer depending on the families needs.

Use hospital-approved cleaners

Easy to Sanitize

Our cradles are designed with all non-pourous materials making them easy to sanitize between uses. The cart design features a powder coated metal finish and the bassinets is made of durable recycled vinyl with a plastic fill that allows the use of any commercial grade or bleach based cleaner.

No harmful chemicals or parts

No Consumables

At Caring Cradle® we know how important the bottom line is. Our device does not require any consumables for use, ever.  The Caring Cradle® achieves temperature utilizing a small amount of environmentally safe coolant. The system is a closed, sealed system and does not require refilling, recharging or disposal of hazardous chemicals with each use.

Limited Units Available

Please reserve your Caring Cradle® ahead as stock may be limited based on recent demand.

Making Memories in Those Precious Moments

"Frankly, I just needed more time. Time to process what just happened. Time to take a breath. Time to think that maybe we should have called a photographer. I wish I had had time to snuggle him and rock him. A Caring Cradle® is an amazing support tool that can provide that extra time to a family that finds themselves in a situation of needing more time."
Pamela Ferguson, mother of Declan James, born sleeping January 17, 2017.