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The Legacy of Lincoln Herman – Soin Medical Center in Dayton Ohio

Again and again, the legacy of these babies shows us what compassion-in-action looks like. Their families honor their memories by giving in advance to other families who are unaware that stillbirth will become part of their future.

We all would love to stop stillbirth and infant death. But the sad truth is we can not. However, we can show up and help hospitals and nurses be as prepared as possible to meet ALL the family’s needs. Above and beyond medical needs are mental health needs. Families need the best possible beginnings to their mental health journey to live with the lifetime of loss of a baby.

The Hermans did it again – fundraising and donating yet another Caring Cradle to a local hospital!

Thank you to Lincoln’s parents for honoring the memory of their son by sharing him and their story with the world. Giving towards a Caring Cradle is an act of compassion and generosity, and literally one of the few yet most empowering ways to support families during such a heartbreaking loss as infant loss.

Thank you to the Hermans.

Thank you to Lincoln!


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