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Lincoln and his family

Simply put, a Caring Cradle® gives grieving families time they will never have again with their child.

A Caring Cradle® gives grieving families time with their precious son or daughter. It gives families more time to hold their child, time to sing to them, time to get pictures and videos, time to check on their child during the night, and time for extended family to travel and still have time to meet their grandchild/niece/nephew.

David and Lauren Herman, Lincoln's parents

The time and memories this cradle provides are so important for grieving families.

The Caring Cradle® allows families who thought they would spend a lifetime with their loved baby, time to say goodbye and create memories in a respectable way. It truly is an immeasurable gift.

Brittany & Joshua Martin, Jaxon's parents

William has a legacy and that legacy is going to help other families.

Scott and Alison Duley lost their son, William James Duley, in 2010, only a week after he was born. To honor their precious son, William's parents donated a Caring Cradle® to Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn, MI.

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Time seems to matter most when you want more of it. When you need more of it.

Dani and Marcus Anderson's son, Ellis Nolte Anderson, was born into heaven in May 2017. His parents didn't have much time with Ellis to say goodbye. They say they felt 'rushed' to say a quick goodbye. There was little time to spend with Ellis or share him with their family. Out of their loss, the Andersons gave from their heart. They raised the funds to donate a Caring Cradle® to Methodist Women's Hospital on Friday, July 13. Ellis's parents honored him, his memory, and their unrelenting love for him.

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Two families shared a loss that every parent can't bear to think of: losing their children to stillbirth.

However, they honor their babies in the effort they determined to do together: donating a Caring Cradle® to Meritus Healthcare Foundation. “As a family who has lived and continues to live with the tragedy and pain of losing a child, our hope is that the Caring Cradle® will provide families with peace, comfort and the extra time they may need to spend to say goodbye to their baby,” Dee Myers, Justice’s grandmother, said in the release.

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“That is amazing!! I know I wish I would have had more time with my son when he was born still 12 years ago!!! What a wonderful Idea this is!”


"I only got 35 mins with my baby, so this would have been amazing for me."


"It is a nice idea. Would it make it possible for the baby to stay in the room longer?"


"I think it's fantastic. We were only allowed to hold our baby for a very short time, not able to get pictures or anything so anything that would make it possible for parents to spend a little extra time with their baby would be fantastic."


"Oh how much would I had liked to have had one of these. We held our daughter for as long as we could but she started to change. I felt so empty when they came and took her away."


"I would have been extremely grateful for anything that would have allowed me to spend more time with my miracle. The "what ifs"  hurt the most. I dream of having spent more time with him."