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Reserving your Caring Cradle® is low hassle. We only need to know a few details about you before arrangements are made. If you have any questions or difficulties with the reservation form on this page, please reach out directly through

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Caring Cradle

At Caring Cradle® we know you want to provide more peace for mothers of stillborn babies.

To do this, mothers need more time with their baby to say goodbye. The problem is, in these moments of crisis, hospitals aren’t equipped to provide them with the time they need, which makes mothers feel more trauma, shock, and grief.

“That is amazing!! I know I wish I would have had more time with my son when he was born still 12 years ago!!! What a wonderful Idea this is!”


"I only got 35 mins with my baby, so this would have been amazing for me."


"It is a nice idea. Would it make it possible for the baby to stay in the room longer?"


"I think it's fantastic. We were only allowed to hold our baby for a very short time, not able to get pictures or anything so anything that would make it possible for parents to spend a little extra time with their baby would be fantastic."


"Oh how much would I had liked to have had one of these. We held our daughter for as long as we could but she started to change. I felt so empty when they came and took her away."


"I would have been extremely grateful for anything that would have allowed me to spend more time with my miracle. The "what ifs"  hurt the most. I dream of having spent more time with him."