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How the Caring Cradle Helps Nurses

Nurses Benefit From Having a Caring Cradle in the Unit

When I designed the Caring Cradle, I knew that nurses needed helped when babies were stillborn.⠀

Nurses want to provide compassionate and caring help.⠀

When you give a nurse a Caring Cradle, they are able to provide that compassionate, caring assistance AND give the mother what she wants more than anything in the moment: time with her baby.⠀

We appreciate all nurses. Thanks especially to those providing care and comfort to mothers who experience this heartbreak.⠀

Thank you to everyone who has made it possible to provide this help to nurses in the U.S., Canada, and Columbia.⠀

Wendy Kowalski
Owner, Caring Cradle

The Caring Cradle is a portable cooling unit designed for hospitals, and intended for use immediately following infant demise.

When a nurse has a Caring Cradle to offer the mother, the nurse is able to provide the exceptional medical care, compassion, and comfort that is both the calling and the heart’s desire of all nurses.

The Caring Cradle is designed to assist the nurse, as it requires no supervision, monitoring, or maintenance. Once turned on, the Caring Cradle may be left on, without any need for further intervention by the nurse.

The Caring Cradle does not have any tubes, wires or fluids to monitor or replace. It does not require replacement parts.

The Caring Cradle frees nurses from having to remain bedside with a distraught mother.

With a Caring Cradle the mother will have the opportunity to do what she wants and what she needs: spend private, uninterrupted time with her baby, have time to make memories, and the time to say good-bye.

The Caring Cradle is a tool for the nurse, as much as a gift of time for the mother.