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Comparing 'Caring Cradle®' & 'Cuddle Cot'

When looking for an alternative to the CuddleCot, or when choosing between them to provide the highest quality of patient care, it is vital to first understand the differences between these two products. Below, we have listed the features and benefits of both products together in one place, so that you can easily understand which cradle is best suited for your facility and patients.

Features & Benefits

Caring Cradle®

The Caring Cradle® commonly referred to as a "cooling unit" was invented in 2017. 

The Caring Cradle® should always remain upright and designed exclusively for hospitals.   

The base of the Caring Cradle® is a steel cart mounted on four locking wheels with a 2-door cabinet on top. The violet-colored bassinet is permanently and safely mounted to the top of the cabinet. This can be easily moved in the hospital by one person. The Caring Cradle® works by using a single gel mat that lays on the floor of the Caring Cradle® bassinet. Once the mat is cooled, the family swaddles the baby with the mat.

The Caring Cradle® has a minimal amount of environmentally safe coolant, which never needs to be replaced. 

The Caring Cradle® does not need an alarm. 

There is no training required for the Caring Cradle®.

Hospitals are free to clean the entire Caring Cradle® using any of their hospital-approved cleaners.

The Caring Cradle® comes with a 1-year warranty.

Storing the Caring Cradle® is easy for hospital personnel as it requires no special storage considerations. Hospitals classify Caring Cradles® as hospital furniture.

The Caring Cradle® arrives fully assembled and is delivered directly to your loading dock. 

The Caring Cradle® is manufactured in Lakeland, Florida, USA with all supplies proudly sourced from the U.S. or Canada.

Cuddle Cot

The Cuddle Cot was the first "cooling unit." The Cuddle Cot is small and easily portable. The Cuddle Cot can be, and is, lent out to families who desire to take their baby home.

The Cuddle Cot works by using a hose filled with cool water, which cools the baby's body. Their cooling system unit can be used with any bassinet, basket, or cot. It requires warming up for the "final kiss."

The Cuddle Cot's pads and tubes should be replaced every year; and requires the use and disposal of Biocide to prevent mold buildup.

The Cuddle Cot includes an alarm to alert medical staff whenever the fluids run low.

The Cuddle Cot requires training for staff, including proper setup, maintenance, and storage.

The Cuddle Cot comes with some bedding to be washed by the hospital. 

The Cuddle Cot includes a 1-year warranty with an opportunity to purchase an extended warranty.

Before storing the Cuddle Cot, it is recommended to drain water from the unit. Instructions on how to use the drain key are included. If dust has built up around the fan, the cover needs to be removed and wiped clean. It is recommended to replace cold pads every 12 months. 

Upon receipt, The Cuddle Cot requires assembly, including the cart and basket. 

Cuddle Cot is manufactured in the U.K. and imported to the U.S.

Caring Cradle Cuddle Cot
$5895 + shipping Cost $2764 + shipping
USA - Lakeland, FL Manufactured United Kingdom
24/7/365 Company Hours UK time M-T 8-5, Fri 8-2, closed Bank holidays
R134a environmentally friendly coolant in a closed sealed system. Cooling Fluids Water-cooled with added chemical for mold prevention.
Arrives assembled. Ready to use as soon as unpacked. Set-up Attach hoses - fill with water and chemical - set up Moses basket.
All surfaces can be wiped with any hospital approved cleaner. Cleaning/Sanitizing Hoses must be completely dried before storing to prevent mold. Moses' basket surface textured & hard to clean.
No Portable for Home Use Yes
Sturdy HOPE plastic mounted on metal cart base. Can withstand > 10Dlb person pulling on the side and not tip. Bassinet Safety Moses' basket on wood base, tipping hazard.
Family can hold baby using cooled gel mat, no tubes or attachments. Holding Baby Family can hold baby, however, water-filled, attached tubes restrict freedom of movement.
No monitoring or supervision needed. Preset factory temperatures. Staff Friendly Alarm sounds when unit requires water.
None needed. Maintenance Manufacturer advises annual tube and hose replacement.
Rolls easily - can use to cover and transport. Mobility Not on wheels.
No training required. Training Requires staff training on use and maintenance.