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Other Names for 'Caring Cradle'

We have noticed many variations of the name of our Caring Cradle® showing up online, in print, or in communications.

Regardless of how we are referred to, irrespective of how our name may be confused, these misnamings don’t bother us in the least. In fact, we take notice that these variations highlight some part of our purpose, or the benefits provided by a Caring Cradle®.

We thought we’d share some of the different names we have noticed online, in print, or in emails.

Common (Mistaken) Synonyms for 'Caring Cradle'

  • Comfort Cradle
  • Comfort Cot
  • Comfort Bassinet
  • Comfort Crib
  • Cradle Cot
  • Cradle Crib
  • Cradle Bassinet
  • Caring Cot
  • Caring Cuddle Cradle
  • Caring Bassinet
  • Caring Crib
  • Cuddle Cot
  • Cuddle Cot
  • Cuddle Cradle
  • Cuddle Bassinet
  • Cuddle Crib
  • Baby Bassinet
  • Baby Cot
  • Bereavement Bassinet
  • Bereavement Crib
  • Cooling Bassinet
  • Cooling Cot
  • Cooling Cradle
  • Cooling Crib
  • The Cradle
  • The Purple Crib
  • The Violet Crib
  • The Purple Bassinet
  • The Violet Bassinet
  • the Smart Cradle
  • Smart Cradle
  • Baby Cradle
  • Baby Cooling Cot
  • Bereavement Cot
  • Bereavement Cradle

Regardless of what the Caring Cradle® is called, we celebrate every single time one is placed in a hospital.

More About Our Purpose

When I first invented the Caring Cradle®, my heart’s desire was to give mothers what they wanted, and that was more time.

We needed a cooling device that was easy to use for both families and hospitals and would slow the changes that occur naturally following the death of a baby.

Mothers taught us they wanted more time with their baby, who died. The Caring Cradle® gives them the time they want to hold their baby. Families want to take pictures of their babies. They want to snuggle their babies. The Caring Cradle’s cooling process allows for this and more. Parents want time to share their babies with family and friends. Mothers want to catch their breath to be more present in the moment.

Nurses tell us how much they appreciate having a tool like the Caring Cradle®, designed specifically for hospitals.

A mother’s heart knows the remainder of her life will be best served with memories to reflect on, regardless of how short they may be.

Throughout history, humans have designed ceremonies around the death of their loved ones. And we acknowledge that while details and meaning vary, they are to honor the one who was loved and lost.

Practices have and do include photographs, hair clippings, personal belongings, castings of feet, and especially time to make and create memories so crucial for those left behind.

Grief, regardless of how uncomfortable, cannot be avoided. Having memories that bring comfort are much more difficult, if not impossible, to make in the weeks and months to follow.

Our Caring Cradle® provides families and friends extra time to incorporate faith-based practices, find opportunities to slow everything down to collect their thoughts and be as present as possible.

We are so proud that after almost five years, the Caring Cradle® continues to faithfully provide the extra time that families tell us they want and need. Every single Caring Cradle delivers an invisible gift of extra time.

We are grateful because we know in the form of a Caring Cradle® that extra time silently and patiently awaits broken-hearted families: those extra hours needed to make memories for future grieving.