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Creative Memories

When you first hear of Creative Memories, you could mistakenly think you have discovered yet another scrapbooking site that sells a ton of materials for your memory-making needs. And while this is true, it takes only a few minutes to discover that Creative Memories is a relationally-based organization that cares as much about its customers as they do its employees – and vice versa. How refreshing!

When reading about their mission you learn they truly believe memories are worthy of saving and protecting. They honor memories with the same high standard that Caring Cradle does.

And while Creative Memories doesn’t (yet) offer a memory-making experience specific to stillbirth and infant demise, you could easily find many beautiful, heartfelt, lovely products to add to your own memory box and much more. Examples include a good place to start for a baby boy and a good place to start for a baby girl.

They care so very much, that they offer Advisors to help customers design just what they want and need to honor any memory regardless of the level of joy or heartbreak that it may stand for. You can contact an Advisor at

Caring Cradle invites you to visit their website and if you make a purchase and/or speak with an advisor, please let us know. We neither want nor receive anything from this referral. We would just be so happy to know we helped you find such a high-quality and heart-focused company.